3 Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun

Closeup of a young Black girl smiling while brushing her teeth

Modeling positive oral health habits and teaching your child about oral hygiene are vital in helping them maintain a healthy smile! Here are three ways to make brushing teeth more fun for your child:

  1. Let Your Child Choose​​ Their Dental Tools
  2. Your child may feel more interested in their oral hygiene if they are involved in shopping for their dental tools. After all, young kids naturally love to help and can have strong opinions and preferences! There are many dental products to choose from as you go down the oral care aisle at the grocery store or browse online. Guide them to pick an appropriate flossing tool, a kid-sized toothbrush with a design they like, a fluoridated toothpaste in a flavor that sounds appealing, a comfortable bathroom mat, and a brushing timer.

  3. Make a Brushing Playlist
  4. Songs can be a great resource when it comes to learning and staying engaged in a task. If your child loves to sing or dance, create a toothbrushing playlist together. Play the music for at least two minutes each time in the morning and at night to make brushing teeth more enjoyable for your child.

  5. Celebrate Their Good Health Habits
  6. It can be encouraging to your child when you acknowledge and even celebrate their efforts to establish good oral health habits, especially if their love language is words of affirmation. A visual chart with stickers can be a helpful tool for children who like to see their progress. Or consider a reasonable reward, like a special outing, at the end of a week that they’ve brushed and flossed a certain amount of times.

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Good oral care starts at home and continues with routine dental cleanings and checkups with our friendly team. Plus, visiting the dentist can help your child develop a greater understanding of the benefits of good oral hygiene at home. Contact us today to schedule their appointment at Storybook Smiles!


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