Digital Pediatric X-rays in Tyler, TX

Orthodontic imaging is necessary to monitor the arrangement and progression of your child’s teeth and other facial structures. Digital X-rays allow orthodontists to take more detailed images of your child’s teeth with as little exposure to radiation as possible. The process is often more comfortable for children and adults without sacrificing accuracy or efficacy. Digital X-rays allow dentists to detect cavities and decay beneath existing fillings, bone loss, infection, and re about how digital X-rays can help us care for your child’s smile, call Storybook Smiles today!

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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Yes! Digital X-rays are a safe way for dentists to capture images of your child’s teeth. Digital X-rays expose patients to less radiation than traditional X-rays. While it is rare, X-ray radiation can have side effects after exposure. Storybook Smiles is pleased to offer this high-quality, low-exposure service to our patients.

Digital X-Rays Vs. Traditional X-Rays

Traditional X-rays and Digital X-rays both allow dentists to examine the teeth, jaw, and other facial structures. Digital X-rays allow dentists to do this with around 80% less radiation exposure. That said, the radiation exposure from traditional X-rays is considered to be within a safe range. If traditional X-rays are a patient’s only option, it is better to have them than to have no X-ray imaging at all.

Digital X-rays achieve their low radiation by combining electronic sensors with small bursts of radiation that send the digital image to a computer almost instantaneously. Digital X-rays require separate training from traditional, so you can rest easy knowing that our digital X-ray techs know exactly what they need to safely and effectively deliver perfect digital X-rays every time.

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