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Gentle Tooth Extractions for Children in Tyler, TX

At Storybook Smiles, we always want our patients’ visits to be as comfortable and positive as possible, especially when it comes to more invasive procedures like dental extractions. Our compassionate team can carefully extract any teeth that need to be removed, including wisdom teeth, and our goal is to always make these treatments as pleasant and efficient as we can. If you believe your child may need a dental extraction, please give our office a call, and we’ll be happy to find a time for them to visit our office for a consultation.

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Why would a child need a dental extraction?

There are a few reasons why having one or more teeth extracted may be the best choice for your child. Sometimes dental extractions are preemptive services that help with orthodontic treatment plans down the road. In other cases, a stubborn baby tooth may need to be removed so the adult tooth can grow in properly, or a tooth may be too damaged to be restored, so it must be removed altogether. Our office also performs wisdom tooth extractions, which are quite common, and these teeth are usually removed due to crowding or impaction.

What can my child eat after their dental extraction?

Before your child comes in for their appointment, you should make sure that there are soft foods for them at home that they can eat after their treatment. Children should drink plenty of fluids and eat soft foods like oatmeal, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and pudding following an extraction, but they should not drink anything through a straw, as that can cause a dry socket. It’s also a good idea to keep an ice pack and Ibuprofen on hand to reduce any pain or swelling that occurs after their dental extraction, and we may prescribe some medication as well.

Can my child return to school after a dental extraction?

Dental extractions are considered oral surgery, so children should always go straight home after their appointment to rest and recover for the rest of the day. Your child may feel good and have energy after their treatment, but it’s very important that they take it easy after their dental extraction. Too much strenuous activity too soon can cause the blood clot in the socket to come loose, which disrupts the healing process. We recommend picking out some movies, books, and other quiet activities they can engage in after their dental extraction.

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