My Child’s Teeth Are Coming In Crooked. Will They Need Braces?

Brunette mom smiles with her two blonde children, one with crooked teeth that need braces

Children usually start getting their first teeth between 6 to 12 months. By age 3, most kids have all 20 of their baby teeth. Their permanent teeth start coming in around age 6. What if their permanent teeth are coming in crooked? You may wonder if they are destined to need braces at some point.

Early Detection & Prevention

If your child is around 7-8 years old or if you notice your child’s teeth coming in crooked, schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Patrick at Storybook Smiles! We will examine your child’s smile and jaw to see if they could benefit from early orthodontic treatment.

We might recommend a palate expander, space maintainer, or early removal of a baby tooth to give their adult teeth more room. Braces are also an option. Your child doesn’t need all their adult teeth to wear braces. These treatments are all part of interceptive orthodontics.

Why Interceptive Orthodontics Is Beneficial

If orthodontic treatment is delayed until the teenage or adult years, straightening crooked teeth is more complicated. This is because all the adult teeth have come in and the jaw has finished growing. Before this happens, a treatment plan can be based on how a child’s teeth and jaw are likely to develop in the future.

While interceptive orthodontic treatment can prevent serious misalignment problems down the road, it doesn’t guarantee that your child won’t need braces when they are older. However, if they do need additional treatment later, their case will be less complex and take less time to resolve! It can also reduce a child’s risk of gum disease and tooth decay because straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy.

Comprehensive Pediatric Orthodontics in Tyler, TX

We recommend early detection and prevention of misalignment whenever possible. If you notice your child’s teeth are coming in crooked, please contact Storybook Smiles to schedule their orthodontic consultation in Tyler, TX!


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