How to Pay for a Child’s Dental Emergency

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Perhaps your child takes an accidental hit during a sports game or they bite down wrong on a popcorn kernel. A dental emergency is never desired or convenient, so it can feel stressful figuring out how to cover any out-of-pocket costs to handle the situation. Here are some tips on how to pay for your child’s dental emergency!

  1. Check Your Insurance Benefits
  2. If you have dental insurance, then it’s likely that your plan covers emergency dental care and you’ll be able to take advantage of that to offset your costs. How much coverage and what is considered a dental emergency varies between plans.

    Our office accepts a wide variety of in-network and out-of-network insurance plans. Check out our financial page and call our office to see if we accept your dental insurance!

  3. Consider a Payment Plan
  4. Many dental offices, including emergency dentists, offer payment plans to their patients. These might be in-house payment plans with individualized terms, or it could be that the practice works with a third-party provider to offer financing.

    At Storybook Smiles, we LendingClub is a personal loan provider that interest-free repayment plans ranging from 24 to 84 months. This is an affordable and trusted was to split up your out-of-pocket costs into low monthly payments.

  5. Start an Emergency Fund
  6. This tip is for those not currently experiencing a dental emergency. It is about preparation and sacrifice before an emergency occurs.

    Work into your budget an emergency fund that covers unexpected expenses. Many wise financial gurus recommend an emergency fund of at least $1,000. This safety net is set aside for true emergencies, such as a dental emergency, a car accident, a trip to the hospital, a leaky roof, etc. Don’t spend your emergency fund on non-emergency events, such as a sale at your favorite store or a vacation. Then the money won’t be around for when you need it!

Dental Health Is Priceless

While your child’s dental emergency may feel like a cost you weren’t prepared for, the important thing to keep in mind is that not handling the situation as soon as possible can lead to even costlier dental treatments down the road as the issue develops. Investing in your child’s oral health now will certainly pay off in the future!

We strive to prove affordable, high-quality dentistry. If you have any concerns or questions regarding paying for your child’s dental care, please reach out to us at Storybook Smiles Children’s Dentistry in Tyler, TX.


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