3 Signs Your Child’s Tooth Needs a Root Canal

Brunette girl cringes in pain and touches her cheek because she needs root canal therapy in Tyler, TX

Did you know that root canal therapy isn’t just to help adults with their permanent teeth? It’s true that there’s such a thing as a baby root canal! This restorative procedure allows us to treat your child’s infected baby tooth.

With root canal treatment, we can: save your child from dental pain; protect your child from more serious infection and dental disease; and help promote proper nutrition, development of their speech, and growth of their underlying permanent teeth.

But how are you supposed to know if your child needs a root canal treatment? Here are some of the most common warning signs to look out for:

  1. Tooth Pain
  2. Dental pain is one of the most commonly experienced red flags that may indicate your child might be in need of root canal therapy. This pain can range from a minor ache to severe pain.

    Your child may tell you that they’re dealing with a toothache. Or, you may notice that they’re regularly rubbing their cheek; waking up in the night crying; or chewing slower, on only one side, or with more difficulty.

  3. Swelling
  4. Swelling can occur when there’s a dental infection that requires root canal treatment. This swelling can present itself on the outside of the face near the infected tooth, or it can appear as swollen lymph nodes in your child’s neck.

  5. Fever
  6. A fever is another common sign that something could be wrong with your child’s mouth. This fever can be a result of a serious tooth infection.

Vist a Children’s Dentist in Tyler, TX

Your best resource for figuring out whether your child’s baby tooth needs a root canal is to visit an experienced pediatric dentist with specific expertise in baby root canals. Do not delay, because a severe toothache is considered a dental emergency!

Here at Storybook Smiles Children’s Dentistry in Tyler, TX, Dr. Patrick provides baby root canals as part of our restorative services.

You can reach our pediatric dental practice by phone or via our online contact form to set up an appointment for your child. We look forward to hearing from you!


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