Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Teens?

A diverse group of teenagers smile as they take a group selfie outside after teeth whitening for teens in Tyler, TX

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic solution for adults, but what if your teen is struggling with a lackluster smile? Can teens get teeth whitening?

At Storybook Smiles, we do offer professional teeth whitening services for teenagers. The procedure will be performed and monitored by experienced professionals here at our practice. We use safe and effective products that guarantee results. The one side effect that can come with teeth whitening at any age is tooth sensitivity. Your child may experience some minor discomfort that lasts just up to a few days after the treatment. In the day or so immediately after the procedure, we’ll recommend avoiding hot or cold foods and beverages to minimize that sensitivity.

How to Maintain a White Smile for Teens

Keeping up with routine cleanings every six months is one of the most important things that anyone can do for their long term dental health. And it’s also important for the appearance of the teeth as well. While a dental cleaning won’t drastically improve the color of teeth like professional whitening will, our hygienists scrape off surface-level stains and remove plaque and tartar that cause discolorations. Great oral hygiene at home will also help your child avoid stains and discoloration in the future.

We will perform a routine cleaning before we proceed with whitening for your child, as it is important that we examine their teeth and gums before completing the procedure. Once your child does complete their whitening treatment, encourage them to maintain good oral health habits. These include routinely visiting our office, daily brushing and flossing at home, and consuming a healthy diet.

Teeth Whitening for Teens in Tyler, TX

If your teen has expressed interest in tooth whitening, look no further than Storybook Smiles. We offer a safe, professional whitening experience that will leave your child’s smile sparkling. Professional teeth whitening for teens can help improve your child’s confidence and motivate them to take better care of their teeth. Contact us today to set up a consultation for your teenager!


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