What Are Sealants? Does My Child Need Them?

At Storybook Smiles Children’s Dentistry, we emphasize the benefits of preventive dental care at home and in our office. For example, we consider dental sealants to be an important component of pediatric dentistry.

The Value of Preventive Dental Care

Did you know that your child’s dental health is linked to their overall health and wellness? Premature loss of baby teeth, loss of adult teeth, oral pain, and dental disease can cause difficulties with speech, nutrition, sleeping, focusing, self-esteem, and body inflammation.

Being proactive about establishing and maintaining great dental habits now at a young age will promote dependable dental habits that will last your child a lifetime. Our Storybook Smiles team can teach your child efficient oral hygiene practices, help them understand their oral health, and set them up with additional protective measures like dental sealants.

The Power of Dental Sealants

Sealants are a simple and effective way to decrease a patient’s risk of cavities in their back teeth. These teeth, called the molars, each have natural crevices on their chewing surface. While these grooves help us grind and chew our food, these areas can also trap bacteria and food particles. Bacteria then feast upon these particles and release harmful acids that damage your tooth enamel, resulting in decay, sensitivity, and infection.

A sealant is a protective tooth-colored plastic coating that fills the deepest portion of these grooves. It then acts as a barrier to bacteria and food particles that would otherwise hang out there and cause problems. Sealants are applied in a quick and completely pain-free procedure and can last many years!

Dental Sealants in Tyler, TX

Dental sealants, routine dental cleanings, a balanced diet, and daily oral hygiene will provide your child’s smile with real protection against dental disease. Contact Storybook Smiles today to schedule a tooth-saving visit for your child!


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