Surprising Ways to Use Toothpaste

Illustration of yellow tube of toothpaste

In conjunction with a soft-bristled toothbrush, toothpaste helps fortify teeth against decay by depositing fluoride into the crystalline mineral structure of enamel and cleans plaque off your teeth. But did you know it’s also a multipurpose substance?

Here are some surprising ways you may be able to use expired toothpaste or a flavor you bought but ended up not liking! (Be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first and apply sparingly.)

  1. Remove Scuffs from Leather Shoes
  2. If you have a pair of leather shoes with scuff marks, try applying a small dab to the shoes and rub with a soft cloth. Dampen another cloth and wipe off the toothpaste.

  3. Clean Up Chrome
  4. Toothpaste can clean up water spots on chrome, like sink faucets. With a soft cloth, rub a dab of toothpaste over the chrome, then rinse.

  5. Remove Crayon Marks From the Wall
  6. Apply non-gel toothpaste directly on any crayon marks and scrub with a clean cloth or brush. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

  7. Clean Shower Doors
  8. If you have glass shower doors, they can get scummy quickly. Try rubbing your door with toothpaste and a clean cloth or scrubbing brush, then rinse.

  9. Clean White Sneakers
  10. White sneakers don’t stay white very long! Rather than washing them in the washing machine, see if a non-gel toothpaste and a toothbrush can renew their brightness. Scrub the rubber parts of the shoe, then use a clean damp cloth to wipe away the toothpaste.

  11. Remove Strong Smells From Your Hands
  12. When you work with ingredients like fish, onions, and garlic, it can be very hard to get the smell off your hands. If washing with soap and warm water isn’t enough, wash your hands with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste as if it were soap. Your skin will probably feel dry afterward, so follow up with some lotion.

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