Dentist-Approved Thanksgiving Foods

Aerial view of a white plate next to silverware on a yellow table waiting for Thanksgiving foods

Our team at Storybook Smiles wishes you and your family and friends a happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy this day of gratitude, gathering with loved ones, and feasting.

As you go about creating your Thanksgiving menu at home or deciding what to bring to a friendsgiving potluck, consider the following foods that are both dentist and kid-approved!

Cheese Plate

Real cheese is great for oral health. This is because it’s packed with calcium to help teeth stay strong, and it also stimulates saliva production, which helps wash away acids that might otherwise settle on teeth. A cheese plate with lots of different tasty nibbles arranged in a fun way is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Green Beans

Green beans contain a variety of healthful nutrients, such as fiber and vitamin C. To make green bean casserole healthier, you can swap the fried onions that normally go on top with some toasted, sliced almonds. Almonds contain calcium, which promotes strong enamel. If your child isn’t a fan of casseroles, we recommend these simple skillet green beans.

Sweet Potatoes

While sweet potatoes are particularly popular around Thanksgiving time, we recommend you eat these nutritious veggies all year long! They contain vitamin A, which is beneficial for strong gums and enamel, as well as vitamin C. Vitamin C helps fight off infection. Sweet potatoes are healthiest when prepared fresh and without a lot of added sugar, syrup, and marshmallows.

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